Lose Your Shirt and Your Car??

Lose Your Shirt and Your Car??
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Lose Your Shirt and Your Car?Sin City can leave you feeling like you’re a big winner, or it can make you feel like you’ve been robbed.  Apparently the roulette table isn’t the only place where you can become a victim in Vegas.  The city now has the nation’s highest car theft rate, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, knocking off the three-year champion – Modesto, CA. (Read the latest on these stats in the Insurance Journal, “Las Vegas Area Tops National List for Stolen Cars“)I can understand why this happened.  Most of the western U.S. is car theft central.  The top ten cities with the most stolen cars per capita are all western cities, with cities in Arizona and Nevada being the most eastern of the ten.

According to authorities, a quarter of these cars are stolen by professional thieves to supply huge chop shop rings based out California.  The rest of the stolen cars are lifted by joy riders and people trying to get out of Vegas.There were 22,441 cars stolen in Sin City last year.  That equals out to a rate of 1,311 stolen for every 100,000 people.  Slightly more cars were stolen the year before in 2005, when thieves made away with 22,465 of them.  Over the last few years Vegas has been climbing from third to second and now has reached first in 2007.  Authorities say that the large amount of parking garages and parking lots contributes to more cars being stolen.The city does not like this new label and local authorities are taking action against the car thieves cara daftar poker indonesia.

Anti-theft programs like public awareness campaigns and the planting of “bait cars” (which can lead police deep into the theft ring) are being employed by Vegas Police to deal with the issue.This isn’t a big issue to most of us that usually only visit Vegas.  But the next time I rent a convertible in Reno so I can cruise into Vegas with Elvis’ version of Viva Las Vegas cranked on the CD player, I’ll make sure I pay the extra bucks for the theft insurance.You can’t get your car stolen while playing at an online casino.

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